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Adam Lemire, Editor

Adam Lemire, Editor


PINarchitecture ///


PINarchitecture is an open monthly micro-competition for designers who have a desire to exercise design skills and share original ideas. Submissions are both small and digital to give busy designers an opportunity to participate without the time commitment of a standard competition. There is no fee to participate and no eligibility requirements (open to internationals, students, registered architects, landscape architects, artists, etc).


Origin ///


PINarchitecture was founded in January of 2013 by Adam Lemire with encouragement and input from colleagues.  PINarchitecture was inspired by a monthly competition called 'Spontaneous Architecture' that ended in 2010, a collaboration between PRE-studio, Studio X, and GOOD. 



Jury ///


The jury is composed of a rotating set of three designers each month. Entries are kept completely anonymous and are identified by letter only.  



Contact ///


Feel free to contact us directly by e-mail at or use the form below.




Thank you for your e-mail.

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